Giving Opportunities

Our members and our guests support the ministries of the church!

Just like any home or business, Ganado FUMC has utility bills to run the air conditioner and lights, maintenance costs to keep the sanctuary, fellowship and parsonage in good condition, and salaries for the pastor and cleaning staff.  Not to mention, providing ministry to our youth, adults and community requires some amount of funding.  The reality is that the ministry of the church has very real costs associated with it.

Many people do not realize that Ganado FUMC is totally dependent upon income from 3 principle sources:

Building usage and rental fees.  The church receives income by renting of the  fellowship hall  and classrooms for special events.  This provides a limited and unpredictable amount of income.

Interests on savings and investmentsThat almost covers the utilities for January 1st and 2nd.

The most significant source of income for the church comes from our members and our guests.

That is it.  There are zero dollars that come from the church conference, the church denomination or any outside source other than a very rare blessing of receiving a ministry grant to serve a specific outreach of the church.

The Administrative Council and the Finance Committee of Ganado FUMC work hard to be the best stewards of your financial resources that we possibly can.  The reality is that each year we approve a deficit budget – a budget that is forecast to spend more than we anticipate receiving.  Our prayers include that our membership will continue to financially support the church to the best of their ability.

How can I give to the church?

Ganado FUMC takes a “loose plate offering” at each of our worship services.  Cash, checks and coins are collected during this offering.

Single gifts, Weekly or monthly contributions can also be mailed to the church at the following address:

Ganado FUMC
attn: Treasurer
PO Box 345
Ganado, TX 77962

 The church is currently researching electronic and on-line giving options.  Stay tuned!

Your financial support is what make Ganado FUMC’s ministries possible.